The Pug


The Pug will give you more energy in the smalll stuff than one of those mutts soaked in Red Bull!   Like its namesake, this board is short and fat with a flat nose. The volume has been put under the feet as to allow as much speed generation as possible. Single to a slight double concave going flat in the tail. Flat rocker with a bit of a kick in the tail. Diamond tail for those quick directional changes. Comes standard with a 5 fin setup, maybe with a single fin in the middle?

Surf 6-8 inches shorter and 1-2 inches wider than your regular board.

Board range: 4’10” – 6’4”

5'8"21"2 5/8"36 L
6'4"21"2 5/8"40 L


BOARD – R4900 incl Supersap Epoxy glassing, Thruster Fusion or Unibox fin boxes, customising of shape
5 FIN SETUP – R200
RESIN TINT – R400 for any single colour tint. R200 for each additional colour
SPRAY – R300+ dependent on complexity of design