Liquid Freedom is an Eco surfboard brand

Carbon Neutral
We offset the carbon footprint of every one of our surfboards using the SeaTrees project by Sustainable Surf

Bio Epoxy
In 2017 we made the decision to glass all of our Liquid Freedom boards in bio-epoxy.  It is a greener epoxy that uses 33% less greenhouse gas emissions their production and makes use of plant-based carbon rather than petroleum based carbon. The use of this epoxy also gives all of our surfboards a Sustainable Surf Level One Ecoboard certification, which is glassed in to the surfboard.

We have moved to EPS cores with all of our boards as they are recyclable and non-toxic meaning that the board doesn’t have to end up on a rubbish dump at the end of it’s life. The core can be recycled into various items like building materials. EPS also maintains it’s lively flex for far longer than the PU equivalent.

Surfboard recycling
Few people know or understand that a surfboard can be recycled. So we can recycle your old surfboard into a brand new custom board glassed with Supersap epoxy resin! This is a tricky process so there are obviously limitations to what can be done depending on surfboard size and condition but we are very keen to chat it through with you so get in touch