Established in 2012, we are a company born out of a passion for surfing and the art of surfboard construction.
Our founder Duncan has been surfing since the age of 13 and always had an interest in the many dynamics of surfboards and how it all comes together in a board. This brought him to a point where he began shaping boards for himself and experimenting with different designs.

Boards are now designed using computer AutoCAD software and then cut out with a CNC milling machine, allowing greater accuracy and the ability to reproduce boards with precision.

All this translates into boards that work. We know that the needs of every surfer are different, from the weekend warrior (who wants catch as many waves as possible) through to the seasoned pro (who’s out to win events).

Our ultimate aim is to maximise the fun for every surfer riding our boards.

Mission statement: Liquid Freedom believes in delivering a professional service and high quality product to you as the customer, while providing for the unique needs of every person ordering a board.

Mark 4:41 “Who is this? Even the wind and waves obey Him?”

Designer: Duncan Gray

Home: Cape Town

Favourite waves: Dunes, Supers, Vic Bay

Influences: Jesus, my wife, my dad & mom

Design influences: Al Merrick, Matt Biolos, Jason Stevenson, DHD