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Lifesaving Race board
Lifesaving Race board
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Our Race Rescue boards are built for speed and for strength. If you are looking for a board which will help you to reach your full paddling potential and not cost you your next house, look no further!

Our boards are available in 8’6”, 9’6″ or 10’6” in  PVC-epoxy or PVC-carbon wrapped construction.

Our PVC construction consists of a lightweight EPS core wrapped with a hard foam layer which increases the strength of core without adding significant weight. This core is then wrapped in either fiberglass or basalt fibre. This is the lightest and strongest construction available and is used by the best brands in the world.

We aim for a final weight of 7.6kg for each board but as they are hand made, the weight can vary between 7.6 and 8kg.

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Lifesaving Race board


What board length do I choose for my child?
If you are based in SA and your child is 11 years or older, your best bet is to get a 10’6″ board. This length can be used in any competition at any age group. If your child is particularly small and/or you don’t mind getting a new board when they outgrow it, you can get a 9’6″ board. Just keep in mind that they will lose the competitive edge when paddling against kids on a 10’6″.

How do weight categories work?
Our boards are built for a specific weight range. This is determined by the amount of buoyancy that the board has. Choose a weight category that your child fits into and consider how much your child will grow in the period which you would like them to use the board for.

Are your boards approved by Lifesaving South Africa?
Yep yep yep!

What is the difference between a hollow (pop-out) board and yours?
Lifesaving race boards have to be strong and light to be competitive and long lasting. A hollow board has to have far more fibreglass to get the required strength for a board than a EPS core board. Therefore you either have a weak board at a good weight, or a strong board that is too heavy. While their price is attractive, they are unfortunately not competitive in racing.

Why do you only do PVC wrapping constructions?
Racing boards take some serious abuse, whether spending hours in the sun or clashing with other boards at the finish line. Therefore the boards need to be as strong as possible and we have found that the PVC wrapped construction is the only option that can withstand significant abuse while still being ultra light!

Why are these boards so expensive?
Unfortunately these boards are very difficult to build and this dictates the prices. Our condolences, they are pricey!

Can we choose the artwork if we order a board?
Yes definitely! We love working with our customers to make a stunner of a board that will be loved for years to come!