Liquid Freedom Surfboard is using the E-FLEX EPS EPOXY on his surfboards

How do I find a high performance surfboard that isn’t harmful to the environment? We have the answer for you, and it’s E-Flex!

Made with environmentally friendly materials, our E-Flex construction is as good as it gets. Light as a feather, tough as nails, it can be built into any shape and will perform in any surf.

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The core of an E-Flex board is a biodegradable True Surf Foam, stringerless, moulded, EPS blank. This premium blank is individually moulded giving it the highest strength available on the market.

Unlike a traditional polyurethane blank, EPS is fully recycleable and non-toxic, meaning it doesn’t have to end up on a landfill site at the end of it’s life. It can be made into building materials, used in compost, or recycled into fresh EPS.

The blank is cut on a CNC machine to the perfect CAD designed shape and hand finished before it’s ready for glassing. 

Biodégradable True Surf Foam - EPS blank surf
Liquid Freedom Stringerless Surfboard- Carbon Strips


A stringer adds strength to a board, but it also adds weight. We therefore use carbon strips on the top and bottom decks of the board to provide the strength that is needed, but the carbon is far lighter than a wooden stringer and it also gives the board more flex.


Liquid Freedom Stringerless Surfboard- Carbon Strips


The E-Flex is glassed with Entropy Resins’ Supersap Epoxy. By employing green chemistry techniques that require less energy and produce less harmful byproducts, they reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the production of their resins by 33% over conventional petroleum based epoxies. They also replace petroleum based carbon with renewable plant-based carbon.

Liquid Freedom using Supersap epoxy on the glassing
Liquid Freedom using the Sustainsurf label


Because we glass with Supersap epoxy, each E-Flex board is a Level One Sustainable Surf Ecoboard. The board comes with the Level One designation logo glassed in.

Liquid Freedom using the Sustainsurf label