The beginning of Liquid Freedom


Established in 2012, Liquid Freedom was born out of a passion for the art of surf craft design and construction. 

Our founder, Duncan Gray, was fascinated with the dynamics of surfboards, and used this to fuel designs which have been surfed throughout the world. This passion for surfboard design was then directed into the design of lifesaving craft and then foil boards. 

Having the perfect design is only half of the way there so we have also grown a deep desire to innovate and refine the construction of all of our craft, testing new material combinations to give the best ride on each board.

In time, after witnessing the impact that surf craft production has on the environment, a passion was birthed in the company to disrupt the norm of craft construction and pursue more sustainable means to make high perfomance surf craft. This is a constant journey but one that we are deeply committed to.

Our ultimate aim is to maximise the fun for every person riding our boards, and to move the industry to a sustainable future.

Mark 4:41: “Who is this? Even the wind and waves obey Him?”